{Outfit Challenge} Day to Night Easy Outfit Transition

December 06, 2016

{Outfit Challenge} Day to Night Easy Outfit Transition

Ever since I moved into my new home, I've been running errands for my house a lot more over the weekends. It’s becoming a time to do my groceries and just getting house stuffs done. And for some reasons, I always feel that time goes by a lot faster and just not enough to finish everything. I want to be able to check off my to-do list and then head out with my friends for dinner or enjoy a date with my hubby at night. So in order for me to save time, I’m starting to master a skill to help me transition an outfit from day to night easily . I could just stick to what I was wearing, swap out a few pieces and BAM, transform into another look for a night out. I believe it is a skill that every busy girl should master ;)

Here, I’ll show you how easy it is to do a seamless transition from a casual day look to a stylish night outfit with just some of the classic items.

Day to Night with Off-Shoulder Romper

{Outfit Challenge} Day to Night Easy Outfit Transition with off shoulders romper

Reiss shearling leather jacket/ 3x1 denim jacket / Designers Remix navy jumpsuit / Kendall + Kylie high heel ankle boots / Converse star sneaker / ECCO brown leather handbag / Beige handbag / BERRICLE retro jewelry / Aurate gold bar necklace

I almost always wear a pair of romper in the summer. A cute pair of romper is comfortable and an instant style amplifier to any casual look. I love these off-shoulders romper. I’m so glad that the off-shoulder trend is back again. I love showing off my collarbones. They are probably the sexiest feature I have. By adding pieces like a gold bar necklace, crossbody handbag and sneakers, the outfit becomes perfect for a day of walking around.

To transition into a night outfit, all I have to do is change my lip colour, put my hair down, swap my sneakers to a pair of heels, and accessorize with a bolder necklace.


Day to Night with Cropped Wide Leg Pants

{Outfit Challenge} Day to Night Easy Outfit Transition with cropped wide leg pantsRiver Island no sleeve shirt / Beige coat / 3x1 blue jean jacket / Victoria Victoria Beckham pleated trousers / Imagine by Vince Camuto slip on trainers / Sam Edelman stiletto heel pumps / Maison Margiela brown tote purse / La Regale chain handle handbag / Valentino hinged cuff bracelet / Arme De L Amour dot jewelry  / Fallon wire choker / Rag bone wide brim wool fedora / Ray-Ban gold lens sunglasses / Aurate gold bar necklace

When the weather is cooler, I like to wear my cropped wide leg pants. They are the most comfortable and cool-looking for a casual day look. And they are my go-to pants when I travel or when I’m on the plane. I like to pair them with a cropped top, just to balance out my body proportion since I don’t have the world’s longest legs... Again, adding simple pieces like the gold bar necklace, leather tote, and slip-on sneakers, the outfit is almost fail-proof for a day out. I like to swap with a pair of stilettos, a choker and a clutch to transform into an elegant and sophisticated modern look at night.
{Outfit Challenge} Day to Night Easy Outfit Transition with cropped wide leg pants{Outfit Challenge} Day to Night Easy Outfit Transition with cropped wide leg pants

Look how easy it is! These day to night looks are not only simple and chic, they are also cohesive. Just the thought on how I could reduce my laundry pile makes me happy already! What are your go-to pieces for a casual day out and how do you transition your outfit for night time?

{Outfit Challenge}

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