Dress Your Body in the Perfect Dress

May 06, 2020

Dress Your Body in the Perfect Dress

Buying a dress is a process. It requires some thought. You also have to really get to know your own body to find the perfect dress. That is because one dress can look completely different on two different types of bodies. Finding the right fit is not just about choosing the correct dress size. Style plays a major role.

What a Dress Length Says About You

Length is a vital part of the choice of which dress to buy. The dress length you choose can say a lot about you. For example, a short dress can say “I feel flirtatious today.” A longer dress might give off a more professional message. A shorter dress might also help you express confidence in your lower body and accentuate your legs. A longer dress with a tight bodice, on the other hand, accentuates your upper body.

Dress Lengths You Can Pick From

Dresses do not simply come in short or long styles. You can choose from mini or maxi. There are also several in between sizes. For instance, you might buy a cocktail dress that ends around your knees or try a longer dress.  Not every dress is a club-going mini skirt or a floor-touching ball gown. Finding the length you need for the occasion and for your body is a major part of the dress buying battle.

In some cases, there are also variations within categories. For example, by definition a midi dress ends above your ankle. It also hangs at least below your knee. However, that leaves a lot of lower leg to play with. By selecting a midi dress that hangs a little bit higher or lower than exactly halfway down your lower leg, you can adjust your final appearance.

Choosing a Dress for Your Figure

Not everyone's figure is the same, obviously. Every person is an individual. However, in the dress world there are figure categories. One is hourglass. If you have an hourglass figure, a dress with a cinched waist and a tight bodice is a great choice to help you show it off. If your body is more of a pear shape, opt for dresses with flowing skirts to make your features appear more proportional. Also, select dresses that have more detailed bodice work or otherwise draw the eye toward your upper body.

There are several other body types you could potentially have. For instance, you might be an athlete with wide shoulders and a slender waist. The point is, look at your body shape and how a dress can compliment it. Your body type may lend itself well to a simple, straightforward shift dress or a frilled or otherwise embellished gown. Once you know, you can work with your body instead of against it.

Another Aspect of Your Body Type You Can Play With

Your general body shape is not easy to change, but your height is an aspect you can actually play with easily. It is not possible to change how tall you really are, but you can make yourself appear the height you want. For example, an asymmetrical dress gives the illusion of more height most of the time. So does a dress with some sort of waist sash. Footwear also changes how tall or short you appear while wearing any dress, so do not limit your dress choices in your mind just because you are on the short or tall side.

Take Your Time with Choosing a Dress

The best advice about dress shopping is to take your time. Make sure you like the length, fabric, and general style. Consider everything from budget to washing instructions. Above all, make sure the dress you pick will look good on your body type and that you will feel comfortable wearing it. Then your closet will gain a useful article of clothing, rather than a dust collector.

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