Ways to Celebrate Your First Mother's Day With Baby

May 09, 2020

Ways to celebrate first mothers day with child

When you give birth, you instantly become entitled to celebrating one more holiday – Mother’s Day. It usually includes breakfast in bed and hand-made gifts from your little ones, such as a picture frame made of macaroni. However, your first Mother’s Day won’t be anything like that. After all, your baby’s greatest accomplishment is not pooping outside the diaper and you still have a couple of years before you can expect any gifts from your little one. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate this holiday. You are a mom, and you deserve to have a day that is all about you. So, if you wish to commemorate Mother’s Day as a first-time mama, here are a couple of ideas you may like.

Do things at your own pace 

Every day you get out of bed, jump start your body with a dose of caffeine and power through the day doing four things at a time. Well, this Mother’s Day starts the day by having a cup of coffee in your bed while watching your favorite TV show, reading a book, or just looking through the window. You can also prepare yourself a nice breakfast to eat in the bedroom, or, if you are a lucky gal, have your partner prepare it for you.

Buy yourself a fancy piece of jewelry

You will want to remember this day for the rest of your life, and what better way to remind yourself of it than with something you can both wear and treasure. A gemstone necklace from Moon Magic is a perfect choice since it can easily dress up your outfits and basically never goes out of style.

Write a letter to your child

Kids love listening about stories about themselves from times they cannot remember. Therefore, take time to write a letter to your baby and tell them how excited you were to meet them, what the beginning of their life looked like or how they kept your up at night. Basically, there are no rules here and you can write whatever you wish. In a couple of years, take this letter out and read it to your child. They will surely be excited to hear about their first months and it may even become their favorite
bedtime story. 

Build a time capsule

There are so many things you can put into a time capsule, from your baby’s first shoes, their doll, a lock of their hair, or one of their nappies. Place everything in a box, wrap it, and put it somewhere safe. In a couple of years, you can open it together with your kid and see what is in there.

Buy fresh flowers

A bouquet of fresh flowers always brightens up the room, so do not hesitate to add some color and fragrance to your home. Whether your partner gets them for you or you pick them up yourself, they will surely look great in your house for a week or so.

Take off your apron!

This is your special day and that means no cooking and no washing the dishes. On Mother’s Day treat yourself to your favorite meal. You can order in, have your loved one cook for you or dine out. Oh, and do not skip dessert, on this day calories do not matter. 

You are in charge

Do you wish to take an afternoon nap? Then do it! Have brunch with your family, go to the park, spend an hour shopping for a new dress or watch that movie you wanted to see for so long. If needed, ask your loved ones or a nanny for help so you can enjoy a guilt-free day indulging yourself. Remember that Mother’s Day is all about you, so do not hesitate to do things you love and that make you happy.

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