Gap Years: A How-To Guide for Young People

July 11, 2020

Gap Years: A How-To Guide for Young People

Gap year - the two words you most likely hear often during the first few weeks at university and in the workplace. While some people might turn their noses up at the idea of going on a gap year, they provide an immeasurable level of joy for those who embark on one.

Not only are you able to delve into a different culture, but you are able to grow and develop as a person while doing so. Pretty neat, if you ask us!

At the same time, many people out there might be unsure how best to go on a gap year and what they would need to do to plan one. In this day and age, COVID-19 poses the most significant threat to any international plans you might have, but don’t let this put you off!

Read on to find a bit more about what you should remember and consider when making plans for a gap year moving forward. Whether you are deferring your place at university for a year or intend to take a sabbatical from your office job, we feel confident there is something of value to you here.

Plan Where You Want to Go

It seems a bit obvious, but to be able to plan your gap year effectively, you need an understanding of where you are going to be staying. On the other hand, we feel any of your loved ones would prefer to know where you are going and a bit about the area, so they know you are keeping safe on your travels.

Doing your research into anywhere that sticks out to you while accounting for reviews from previous travellers will make your process run a bit smoother. Establish what accommodation is like in these areas and any activities and amenities; you don’t want to be going somewhere where there is not much to do, for you will be bored!

Protecting Yourself

This can come in a variety of forms, with each as crucial as the next. Knowing basic self-defence methods is not something you ever wish to use, but is well-worth knowing while travelling, particularly when in places that could be threatening. You never know when you could need them.

Furthermore, having travel equipment with you that you can use to hide your valuables is another way of protecting yourself. Having your valuables hidden minimizes your chances of being targeted by any local criminals.

Travel insurance is another method of protecting yourself while travelling and should be bought before leaving for your trip. Annual travel insurance from Staysure and other companies ensures that you are fully protected while exploring the world. What’s more, annual travel insurance eliminates the need to purchase multiple policies throughout your gap year.

Finding Other Like-Minded Individuals

While travelling is undoubtedly an exciting thing that many of us regularly, it can often be an isolating experience. None more so than if you are embarking on a solo trip. Naturally, some people prefer to travel alone, eliminating the need to plan activities for more than one person.

If you are a social person who is embarking on a solo gap year, then you would be best suited to try and find other people who are doing the same as you. In this day and age, social media has made this type of thing much more straightforward, for you will be able to find group chats and pages dedicated to where you are intending to visit.

You never know, you could find a best friend through avenues like these, so make sure to explore every avenue!

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