A Guide to Styling Stripes with Accessories

July 02, 2020

A Guide to Styling Stripes with Accessories

Jewelry, without doubt, can enhance and make outfits extra appealing. Even with a neutral or plain shirt, jewelry can create a focal point that ultimately makes it fashionable. So, if you’re thinking of amping your style, then you might want to consider adding a touch of jewelry. However, are you picking the right accessories, especially for your striped outfit?

I'll share all about picking the right accessory to match your stripes, without breaking a sweat.

Pay Attention to Necklines

First off, let’s talk about the basics – complementing your neckline with the right necklace.

Pay attention to necklines because wearing uncomplimentary jewelry can destroy your look. For instance, a choker would fit a striped tube top or a strapless dress. It allows you to highlight your accessory and your outfit at the same time. If you love to wear something that shows off your shoulder, just like an off-shoulder top, then dangly necklaces would be the best fit for these types of outfit as they create a focal point on your attire.

Go Bold with a Bold Necklace

Are you having trouble finding an accessory for your contrasting black and white dress? Well, since you're going for a bold look, might as well top it off with one red-colored necklace. Don't hesitate to give people a strong and glam vibe.

You can also use a clutch with your black and white dress to finalize your look!

Stay Classy With a Dangling Pearl Earring

If you want to look classy while wearing your striped body-con dress, then a dangling pearl earring will do the work.

However, be mindful that wearing bold earrings with a sexy outfit can overwhelm the entire look. Reserve those extra bold pearl earrings for simpler attires. For these cases, balance your aesthetics by wearing simple and dangling pearl earrings.

Patterns Matter

If you’re going for a skirt and a shirt outfit with remarkable patterns or bold prints, then you can choose a piece of jewelry with the same or similar pattern. If you wish, you can also select necklaces and bracelets that have the same pattern on their pendants.

This trick will balance your outfit and accessory without appearing trashy or too much. This strategy does not apply to all cases. You can go wild whenever possible. 

Extra Tip: Define Your Waistline With a Belt

If you want to wear a dress with horizontal stripes without making your body looking geometrical, then use a belt to define and highlight your waistline. I assure you, you would look stunning on your outfit. Work it, girl!

Here are some of the ways to pair the perfect jewelry and accessories for your striped outfits. Try these suggestions and you will save yourself from some frustrations and headaches. Let me know if this post worked out best for you!

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  1. This is really very stylish and gorgeous. Well written article.

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  14. Bree beenJuly 06, 2020

    I'm not so big on jewelery cause I never know how to style them. This isa good read especially for me.

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