DIY Stamped Christmas Wrapping Paper made with an Eraser!

November 29, 2021

DIY Stamped Christmas Wrapping Paper made with an Eraser!

If you're looking for ways to add some personal touch or pizazz to your gifts this holiday season, I've got you covered! In this tutorial, I'll show you how you can make your own stamped Christmas wrapping paper that will definitely make your gifts unique and stand out under the Christmas tree. 

Forget store-bought wrapping paper and make your recipient feel extra special with this DIY wrapping paper that you create using a stamp made from an eraser! All you need is a simple polymer eraser that you can purchase from any dollar store, some carving tools, paper (of course), a stamp pad and a pair of crafty hands. 

DIY Stamped Christmas Wrapping Paper made with an Eraser!

How to make your own gift wrapping paper with a stamp carved from an eraser 

There's something about carving an easer that makes it so therapeutic to me. With the right tool (I used Speedball carving tools),  the blade just glides onto the polymer material so smoothly. It's like gliding through butter! And, the possibilities are endless. I can go from the simplest shape to a more intricate pattern like a greeting or a phrase. 

And the best thing? No two papers are the same. It's low cost to make and you can reuse the stamp every year. Just switch out the ink colour and experiment with different colour paper for a whole new look. Let's get right into it, shall we?

Supplies You'll Need:


First, type out the greeting in a font that you like. Choose a font that is bold with straight, simple lines. The thicker the strokes are, the easier it is to carve. Avoid fonts that are very thin with a lot of curvy lines. Mirror this font so that it's flipped horizontally and print it out. 

Then, with a pencil, trace the outline of your font. Put your outline directly onto your eraser and burnish the font by shading over the back of the outline. The outline of the text will appear on the eraser on the right side.

Start carving out the unwanted areas (not your text!) carefully with your blade. I like to start with a smaller blade to carve an outline of the text first. Then, carve larger areas towards the text outline. That way, I could avoid carving the text because the outline serves as a border for my larger blade to stop. There's no right or wrong technique here, as long as you're carving the unwanted areas. Refine as needed. 

Lastly, plot the eraser onto an ink pad and stamp it onto the paper. That's it! 

Check out my video below to see these steps in action.

DIY Stamped Christmas Wrapping Paper Made with an Eraser
I also carved Justice's face on another eraser. The possibilities are endless! 

I think I might have started a new obsession with stamping! 
I hope you like this DIY tutorial! If you give this a try, be sure to share your pictures with me on Instagram and tag @tingandthings_ or use hashtag #diywithting. I'd love to see your take on it!

Happy crafting and have a wonderful holiday!

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