Happy Year of the Pig + A Year in Review

February 06, 2019

Happy Year of the Pig + A Year in Review

Gung Hei Fat Choi! Hope y'all are enjoying 2019 so far!

With Chinese New Year just arrived yesterday, it's like I get to start my year on a good note again! If you're unfamiliar with this festivity, you could read it up here. I shared some of the things we do during the New Year and fun ways you could partake in this big festival!

What I've been up to?

As you may have noticed, traveling is a big part of my life. Every year, I try to visit different cities and cross off items from my bucket list. In 2018, I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Europe, Hong Kong and Seoul (more on these later!). I've started my online shop on Etsy selling digital prints and icons. You could check them out here.

Besides these, I've actually been taking a short break from social media and the blogging world in the last quarter of 2018. Being an influencer and blogger is a lot of work. And unfortunately, not everyone realizes that. So, I've been questioning myself if the time and energy that I spent crafting a blog post and posting pictures on IG are really worth it. Or is it better use of my time to spend with my family and friends  and do things that are more meaningful than just to receive a few likes and comments? But with the removal of Google Plus and all of its related features, comments posted on my blog with this service would be lost permanently. I then realize that these comments still meant a great deal to me. They're my source of motivation to keep me continue on blogging. And, I'm so thankful to have you as my greatest supporter. Here's a recap of my blog posts and my most popular Instagram posts from 2018.

A Year in Review:


  1. Our 2-Day Guide of Things to Do and Eat in Montreal
  2. 30 Feet Under the Great Barrier Reef - My First Scuba Diving Experience!
  3. {Down Under Travel Guide} What You Can Eat and Do in Sydney


  1. A Perfect Brunch Spot for Chocolate Lovers {Cacao 70}
  2. It's a Furniture store! It's a Restaurant! It's Restoration Hardware Cafe!


  1. {DIY} Make Your Own Custom Doormat Without a Cricut Machine
  2. Make Your Own Mother's Day Coupon Book Printable
  3. {DIY} Spring Wreath For the Front Door
  4. {DIY} Valentine's Day Love Coupon Printable

As a token of my appreciation, I've created these digital wallpaper to celebrate the new year for you. Hope you like them!

Happy Lunar New Year of the Pig - Desktop Wallpaper Download


Happy New Year 2019 - Desktop Handlettered Wallpaper Download


Have a prosperous year of the pig! 

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