I'm a piece of Sushi! {Halloween Costume DIY}

DIY November 01, 2014

{Bubble Soccer} Because Normal Soccer Is too boring

bubble soccer October 17, 2014

Trick or Cake Pops for Halloween?

cake art October 08, 2014

{Outfit of the Day} Beautiful Tulle

Everything I Wear October 02, 2014

{Playing with Food} Domo-Kun Toast

breakfast September 10, 2014

{Outfit of the Day} Stripes and Peplum Love

Everything I Wear August 30, 2014

Gimmicky Food for the Win! {TO Food Fest}

Event August 18, 2014

{Outfit Challenge} What to Wear for the Blue Jays game

Everything I Wear July 26, 2014

Forever After Book Cookies

cake art April 26, 2014

Happy Easter Nail Art

Easter April 21, 2014

{Outfit of the Day} Wine Red Deep V Peplum Dress

Everything I Wear April 15, 2014

{Outfit of the day} Polka Dots x Sweet Hearts

Betsey Johnson April 09, 2014

Wedding Cake Gift Box {Tutorial}

DIY April 05, 2014

{Outfit of the Day} Beaded Peplum

Everything I Wear April 03, 2014

April Fool's Day Breakfast

breakfast April 01, 2014

DIY Teppanyaki Time! {Aka Teppan}

Everything I Eat March 31, 2014

{Moose meat challenge } Red Wine & Moose Meat Stew

Cooking March 29, 2014

{Outfit of the Day} My Favourite Green Dress

Everything I Wear March 19, 2014

{What's for breakfast?} Mixed Berries Parfait with Honey Clusters Cereal

March 15, 2014

A Korean Japanese Izakaya {Tsuki Izakaya}

Everything I Eat March 08, 2014

(What's for Breakfast?} Toad in a Hole

breakfast February 28, 2014

Foodie Gone Overseas {Hong Kong}

Chinese February 22, 2014

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